Hungary Makes A Sweet Wine For Beginners

It is not common knowledge, the history of wine in Hungary; but there is a long wine tradition in that country with some of the most famous sweet wine for beginners. As Hungary pushes its way into the spotlight, more are becoming aware of this tradition faster than ever. For a long time Communism rule hid knowledge of Hungarian wines from the world. Not anymore.

Tokaji Aszú: Hungarian sweet wine for beginners.There are as many as twenty regions dedicated to vineyards in Hungary. They've been in operation since the days of the Roman Empire and contain many different grape varieties. With extreme winters and summers the weather in Hungary plays a large role in the viticulture of the country.

This extreme weather creates a diversity of soil conditions that allow wine makers to produce quite a variety of wines, many of them sweet. And many people are unaware of the fact that it is the diversity of climate that accounts for the flavor of many of the fine wines in the world today.

The most renowned sweet wine of Hungary is Tokaji Aszú. It has been part of the Hungarian tradition for centuries. It is a sweet wine the color of topaz that has been affected with Botrytis, or Noble Rot. Known as Tokay in the rest of the world, it is produced in the northeast wine region of Hungary in Tokay, just hours away from Budapest.

Thought to have healing powers, the popularity of Tokaji Aszú was spread in the middle 17th century by European aristocracy who sought after the sweet dessert wine. Today it is still one of the most popular dessert wines available to the world and is even sung about in the Hungarian National Anthem.

Egri Bikavér, or Bull's Blood of Eger, is another common Hungarian food wine. From the name you might surmise this is a red wine, and you'd be correct. It is a sweet red wine of rich dark color. Despite it being a sweet red wine and going well with desserts Egri Bikavér is made more for pairing with food.

If you enjoy sweet dessert wine, you will definitely want to add these Hungarian wines to your list of sweet wines. With a wine tradition as rich as that of France, Hungary continues to produce superior wines for every occasion. Whether it's a bottle of Tokaji Aszú or the rich Egri Bikavér, Hungarian wines will prove to be of high quality. And as more doors open to the world of wine within Hungary, you will be able to find more styles of sweet wine for beginners in your local wine shops.

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